The Importance of Early and Accurate Diagnosis of Sarcomas 🩺🕒

Early diagnosis of sarcoma is crucial as it ensures that the tumor is discovered before the disease has spread extensively. This allows for treatment that is often less intensive or invasive compared to treatments required at more advanced stages. Additionally, an accurate diagnosis is essential for implementing the optimal therapy. Without it, patients may receive inappropriate treatments, either too aggressive or insufficient.

For Patients

For Caregivers

Current Insights 📚

Delays in diagnosing sarcomas are common. Both patients and healthcare professionals often fail to identify sarcoma symptoms early on. Awareness of sarcomas is particularly low among initial medical contacts, leading to significant delays in referrals to specialists.

The Unknown ❓

Existing data and publications on sarcoma diagnosis are limited. They often focus on specific countries, regions, or sarcoma subtypes, leaving gaps in our understanding. The global reality of sarcoma patients’ diagnostic experiences remains largely unknown.

How You Can Help 🤝

We need your help to fill this knowledge gap. Please share your experiences with us, whether they are positive or negative. Both perspectives are invaluable. Your feedback will help us analyze the diagnostic process, from initial symptoms to post-diagnosis management, on a global scale.

How Your Feedback Will Be Used 📝

Based on the survey results, we aim to collaborate with you, our specialists, and all stakeholders to identify the challenges and improve the sarcoma diagnosis process. Your participation will contribute to a better understanding and potentially better outcomes for sarcoma patients worldwide.