Sarcoma Awareness Month 2024

“The Importance of early and accurate diagnosis”


This year in July, as a global network of national sarcoma support groups, we want to raise awareness of the importance of early and accurate diagnosis of sarcoma. Together we want to advocate for improving the quality of diagnosis of sarcoma worldwide and thus save lives. We know that the earlier a tumor is detected, the higher the likelihood that it will not have spread or will need to be treated with less invasive or intensive therapies. This also increases the chance of a cure or improved survival. Moreover, the optimal therapy can only be implemented with an accurate diagnosis. Otherwise, patients are receiving the wrong type or amount (e.g., too much or too little) of tumor therapy.

However, we know very little about what the global reality of sarcoma detection actually looks like. That’s why we are planning a two-part campaign for Sarcoma Awareness Month 2024 and beyond, and we urge you to support it:

📢Raise awareness of the importance of early and correct diagnosis

Early detection is crucial in the fight against sarcoma, a rare and aggressive cancer. By raising awareness, we aim to educate, support, and advocate for better diagnosis and treatment options.

📝Global Sarcoma Diagnosis Pathway Survey

Conduct a survey to find out what the reality of diagnosing people with sarcoma actually looks like.

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Raise Your Voice 📢

Share Your Story

Share your diagnosis journey with us and participate in this global campaign. Whether you are a patient, survivor, family member, or healthcare provider, your story can inspire others and highlight the importance of early detection.

Showcase your event

Let us know about any events (in person or virtual) you or your organization are hosting or participating in to raise awareness for sarcoma. Your efforts can inspire others and build a stronger community of support.